Vergil, Aeneid 1.132-179

“Does such loyalty of your kind hold you?
Now, winds, might you dare to mix the sky and land
without my will, and to bear such burdens?
You whom I—but it stands better to quiet the moved waves.
After, you will repay your faults with no similar punishment.
Hasten your flight, and speak these things to your king:
the kingdom of the sea and savage trident has not been given
to him, but to me by lot. He holds those great rocks,
your homes, Eurus; Aeolus buffets you in that hall
and let him rule of the winds in his closed prison!”

Thus he affirms, and with this spoken, quickly placates the swollen
seas, and he scatters the collected clouds, and returns the sun.
At once, Cymothoe and Triton, having striven, dislodge the ships
from the sharp rock; Neptune himself raises with his trident
and opens the great reefs, and calms the sea,
and glides over the top waves with his swift wheels [chariot].
And it is as when, often in a great crowd, a riot has arisen
and the ignoble crowd rages within their hearts,
and then rocks and torches fly, and madness supplies armaments;
then, if, by chance, they spot some man, venerable with piety
and merits, they fall silent, and they stand ready with pricked ears.
He controls their minds with his words, and sooths their hearts:
thus has all the uproar of the sea subsided; after looking upon
the seas, the father having ridden through the open sky guides
his horses, and, flying with his chariot, gives them favourable reigns.

The tired Trojans strive to seek a course which is
near to the shores, and they turn to the Libyan shores.
The place is in a long inlet: the island forms a port
with the projection of its sides, by which every wave is shattered
from afar and in whose bay every wave splits into those reduced.
From here and from here great rocks and twin cliffs
threaten towards the sky, under the wide peak of which all the
seas are silent; then the background of glimmering woods threatens
from above, and the grove hangs black from quivering shade.
Beneath the opposite face is a cave with hanging rocks;
within are sweet waters and a seat from living rock,
the home of nymphs. Here not any chains hold the tired
sailors, nor does the anchor hold with its curved bite.
Hence Aeneas goes with seven ships from his total number having
been collected; and the Trojans drink in the desired shores
with a great love of the land they have come upon,
and they place their limbs on the shore, soaking with salt.
But first Achates struck a spark from flint,
and caught the fire with leaves, and gave dry nourishment
around [the flame], and he seized the flame in the shavings.
Then they, tired of the works, prepared the grain, ruined by waves,
and the tools of Ceres, and they prepared to roast the recovered
grains with flames and to grind them with rocks.


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