Vergil, Aeneid 1.34-80

Scarcely from sight of Sicician land, they, happy, take sails
into the sea, and they charge waves of salt with bronze [prows],
when Juno, serving the eternal wound under her heart,
says these things to herself: “Am I, conquered, to desist from my undertaking,
or to be unable to avert the Italian kingdom of the Teucers?
Of course I am forbidden by the fates. Was Pallas Athena able to ruin
the fleet of Argives and to submerge them in the sea,
for the one fault and the furies of Ajax of Oïleus?
She herself, having hurled the rapid lightning of Jove from the clouds,
both threw the ships and overturned the seas with winds;
She, in a storm, snatched him, breathing flames
from pierced breast, and impaled him upon a sharp cliff.
But I, who march as queen of the gods, and both sister
and wife of Jove, with one kind wage wars for so many years!
And who might worship the power of Juno hereafter,
or what suppliant might place a gift at my altars?”

The goddess, with such fires rolling in her heart,
comes to the Aeolian land of rainstorms, a place pregnant
with furious winds. Here, the king Aeolus in his vast cave
rules the struggling winds and sounding storms
with his command, and binds them with chains and imprisonment.
They, indignant, roar around the enclosure of the mountain
with a great shout; Aeolus sits in his lofty citadel holding
his sceptre, and softening their hearts and tempering their angers.
If he did not make it so, they, whirling, would of course bear with themselves
the sea and the lands and the deep sky, and race through the breezes.
But the omnipotent father has put them in black caves,
fearing this, and placed a mass and high mountains above,
and he gave the kingdom to him, who, in fixed agreement
knew by decree to tighten and to give ease to the reigns.
Then Juno as a suppliant made an entreaty to him with these words:

“Aeolus, as the father of the gods and king of men has given
to you to soothe the seas and to convey the wind,
a king hateful to me sails the Tyrrhenian sea,
carrying Ilium and conquered Penates to Italy:
Strike force into the winds and overturn their submerged prows,
or lead them apart and scatter their bodies in the sea.
There are to me twice seven nymphs excelling in respect to appearance,
of whom I will join in marriage to you Deiopea who
is most beautiful in respect to figure and I shall dedicate her as your own,
that she might live out all years with you for such things as you have merited,
and she shall make you parent to a beautiful progeny.”

Aeolus responded thus: “O queen, yours is the labour which you might
choose to undertake; it is right for me to undertake your decrees.
You win for me with this is of a kingdom, and you win over Jove and
your power; you allow me to recline at the banquet of the gods,
and you provide for me the power of clouds and of storms.”


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