Vergil, Aeneid 12.791-842

Meanwhile the omnipotent king of Olympus addresses
Juno, looking from her tawny cloud upon the battles:
“What end will there be now, wife? What, at end, remains?
You know know deified Aeneas, and you will admit that you yourself know
him to be owed the sky and to be raised to the heavens by fate.
What do you contrive? Or with what hope do you cling to your frigid clouds?
Has it been proper to not dishonour a mortal with a wound of the gods?
Or (truly, what would Juturna have been able to do without you?) that the
snatched sword be returned to Turnis, and power to grow for the victors?
Desist at last to change these things with your entreaties,
lest such sadness consume you and lest often sad
anxieties return to me from your two sweet lips.
It has come to the end. You have been able to drive the Trojans
by lands and waves, to incense unspeakable war,
to mar the house, and to mix wedding songs with grief:
I forbid you to try farther.” Thus Jupiter began.

Thus to this the goddess Juno spoke with face downturned:
“Indeed, since this is known to be your will, great
Jupiter, I, unwilling, have abandoned both Turnus and his lands;
lest you were to now see me alone in my lofty seat,
I have endured indignations with dignity, but would that I might stand girdled
by flames at that battle line, and that I might drag the Teucrians into hated battles.
I pity Juturna: I have urged her to help her brother
and I have recommended that she dare for his greater life,
yet not that he might hurl spears or shoot a bow;
I swear by the implacable head of the Stygian spring,
the one superstition which has been brought to the heavenly gods.
And now indeed I yield, and I, hateful of this, relinquish battles.
That is held by you, which by no law of fate [is denied],
for the Latin [people], for their greatness, I beseech you:
when at last with happy marriages they construct a peace
(for let it be thus), when at last they enjoin pacts and laws,
lest you decree the indigent Latins change their ancient name,
or that they are made Trojans and be called Teucers,
or that the people change their tongue or alter their garb.
Let Latium be, let the Albans be rulers through ages,
let the Roman offspring be powerful with Italian strength:
It has fallen; permit it to have fallen with Trojan name.”

Smiling at her, the creator of men and the works responds:
“You are the sister of Jupiter and the other child of Saturn:
you turn such a flood of angers in your heart.
But lead, and lower your anger taken up in vain:
I grant what you wish, and I, conquered and willing, yield myself.
The Ausonians will hold the tongue and mores of their fatherland,
and as it is their name shall be; the Teucers, united such in respect to body,
shall give way. I shall add law and rites of the holy
and I shall make all Latins with one face.
Hence the kind from Ausonian blood so mixed will rise;
you will see that they go above men, above gods in respect to piety,
nor will any kind equally celebrate your honours.”

Juno gives assent to this and, overjoyed, turns back her mind;
meanwhile she withdraws from the sky and leaves her cloud.


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