Horace, Odes 1.6

Horace, Odes 1.6

You shall be written of by Varius as brave and victor
of our enemies, cherished of Homeric hymn
Whatever exploit ferocious army by ship
Or by horse has won with you as leader.

Nor let us, Agrippa, aged feeble, attempt to speak these
Things, or to submit to the heavy wrath of
Ignorant Achilles, or the duplicitous wanderings of
Ulysses over the sea, or the savage

House of Pelops, while the modest and tempered
Powerful Muse of the lyre denies praise of
Distinguished Caesar and that you might be
Deterred by fault of talent.

Who else could have described more fittingly Mars,
Covered by hard metal tunic , or Meriones, blackened by
Trojan soot, or Tydides, made equal to the gods
By the work of Minerva?

We sing of feasts, of fierce maidens with untrimmed
Nails against youths in battles, whether free of fancy
Or if we are burning, her mood is nothing
But light.


2 responses to “Horace, Odes 1.6

  1. nescii is to be taken with ‘nos’

  2. @caecus

    Nope, it’s Achilles who’s “nescius cedere”.

    BTW, I don’t understand last two lines of the translation:
    (her mood is nothing
    But light.)
    (non praeter solitum leves)

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