Horace, Odes 1.10

Horace, Odes 1.10

Mercury, eloquent grandson of Atlantis,
Who shrewdly has shaped of late the rough
Ways of men with language, and with custom
Of the fitting gymnasium,

Of you I sing, messenger of great Jove and
Of the gods, and father of the curved lyre,
Cunning in whatever it pleases you to hide
In joking theft.

Unmarried Apollo, lest you had formerly returned his
Herd, stolen through trickery, while he frightened
You as a child with menacing voice,  mocked you
With his quiver.

And more, with you leading, wealthy Priam,
Having left Ilium, deceived the haughty Atriads,
And Thessalian Fires and camps hostile
To Troy.

You return faithful hearts to their welcome
Place, and with golden Caduceus check
Capricious uproar, and are dear to the highest
And lowest of the gods.


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