Catullus 11

Catullus 11

Furius and Aurelius, friends of Catullus,
Whether he journeys to deepest India,
Where the shore is long turned by
Resounding eastern wave,

Or to Hyrcani or gentle Arabia,
Or to the Sacae or the arrow-bearing Parthians,
Or to the seven-mouthed Nile which
Colors the seas,

Or whether he steps across the high Alps,
Spying monuments of great Caesar,
Past the Gallic Rhine, the terrible sea and
Far-off Britain,

All these, and wherever the will
Of the gods bears, prepared at once to brave,
Deliver this little bad message
To my girl:

When she lives with and wishes well her adulterers,
Three hundred of whom she at once holds in embrace,
Truly loving none, but again and again breaking
Their loins;

Let her not see my love, as before,
Which by fault of her has fallen as a flower
At field’s edge, touched by a
Passing plough.


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