Catullus 37

Catullus 37

Lustful tavern and you, its patrons,
Nine columns from temple of Castor,
Do you think mentulas to be yours alone,
That it is allowed to you alone to fuck whatever
Is feminine. and to think others he-goats?
Or, because you, tasteless, sit perhaps one
Hundred or two, unbroken, think you I would not
Have dared to spurn you two hundred squatters at once?
But somehow think: for I shall deface the whole
Front of the tavern with your iniquities!
For my girl, who fled my embrace,
Who loved such will be never loved as much,
For whom great battles have been waged by me,
Has seated herself here. All the beautiful and
Wealthy love her, and anything which is unfit,
All those petty and back-alley adulterers:
You above all, Egnatius, one of the long-hairs,
Son of rabbit-rich Celtiberia,
Which is marked with dense beards
And teeth scoured with Spanish piss.


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