Catullus 15

Catullus 15

I entrust myself and my love to you,
Aurelius. I seek a modest favor,
That, if you love anything in your heart
Which, honest and intelligent, you did desire,
You might virtuously keep safe my boy–
I say, not from the public: we do not fear
Those who pass by in the street now here,
Now there, in occupying their own work;
Truly I fear from you and your penis
Unsafe to boys good and bad.
Which you, where it pleases, as it pleases,
Wield as you wish, wherever it will be ready abroad:
I except this one thing, as I think, modestly.
Because if an evil mind and mad furor will have driven
You to such fault–wicked!–,
That  you betray me with traps,
Ah, then miserable you and your woeful fate!
Radishes and sea trout will penetrate,
With your feet bound, your gaping hole!


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