Catullus 30

Catullus 30

Alfenus, unmindful and deceivingly heartless  to friends,
Would you not now lament, hard one, your dear friend?
Do you not hesitate to now to reveal me, to deceive me, faithless one?
Nor do impious acts of false men please the gods;
Which you make light of, and give me up to evils.
Alas, tell me, that can men do, or in whom can they trust?
Certainly, you bid I unfairly forfeit my heart, leading
Me to love, as if all things would be for me.
Now you withdraw yourself, and your words, and all your
Acts and fix the winds and clouds with wrathful iron.
If you have forgotten, but the gods have remembered, Faith remembers,
Which hereafter will make you regret your works


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