Catullus 36

Catullus 36

Annals of Volusius, defiled sheets,
Grant a wish for my girl:
For she swore of divine Venus
And Cupid, if I were restored to her
And I ceased to agitate vile iambs,
She would give choicest words
Of the worst poet to the lame-footed
God for burning with unlucky wood.
And my awful girl saw herself vow
This to the gods in cute jest.
Now, come from the azure sea,
O you who cultivates sacred Idalium
And battered Urios, and Ancona and
Reedy Cnidum, and Amathunta, and Golgos,
And Durrachium, tavern of the Adriatic,
Make this realized, and return my girl’s wish,
If it is not witless or graceless.
And meanwhile, come you all to the flame,
Annals of Volusi, defiled sheets,
Replete of banality and crudities.


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