Catullus 6

Catullus 6

Flavius, you would wish to speak of your delight
To Catullus, were she not uncharming and
Inelegant, nor would you be able to remain silent.
Truly I know not what sort of feverish whore
You delight in: this shames to be known.
For a silent bed, fragrant with olive
And Syrian perfume, and a pillow, rubbed
Equally here and there, and the shaking and
Trembling of a quivering couch, calls in vain
That you do not lie alone nights. For dishonor
Does not desire–Never!–to remain silent.
Why? For you would not show sex-wearied groin
Lest you made something of absurdity.
Thus, whatever you have of good and bad,
Speak to us: I wish to call you and your
Love to heaven in charming verse.


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