De Rerum Natura 5.91-109

What is next, lest we delay you longer with promises,
Firstly, look at the seas and land and skies;
Of whose triple nature, whose three bodies, Memmius,
So dissimilar in three appearances, three great webs,
A single day shall give to ruin, and the great fabric and mechanism
Of the world, sustained through many years, shall fall.
Nor does it deceive my mind how strange and marvelous
A thought the future destruction of earth and sky,
And which is difficult to me to surmount with words;
That it is made where you bring novel news before ears
Lest you are nevertheless able to substitute this for seeing,
Nor to put it into hand, where the paved road of faith
Bears close to the human heart and the temple of the mind.
But nevertheless I will speak. Perhaps this work will give
Faith through words and you will discern that all
Of the world will be shaken with risen motions in little time.
Let governing fortune govern this afar from us,
And let reason, more able than the fact itself, persuade
That all things are able to fall, conquered with horrid din.


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