Lucan, Pharsalia 1.486-504

Nor did the vulgus alone
Fear, beaten with lifeless terror, but the fathers
Themselves rushed to the curia from their homes,
And senate, fleeing, gave hated decree of war to the consuls.
Then, uncertain what safeties to seek and what fears
To put down they press upon the people, headlong, wherever
Impetus of flight bore them, and a long array bursts forth, clinging
Together. You would believe, as torches have snatched
Wicked roofs, or, ruin shaking, tottering houses hang,
Even so did the crowd, without order, frantic, rush through
The city with headlong step, as if one hope for ruined works was to
Flee the city walls. Just as, when blustery Auster
Has battered great sea from Libyan shoals
And crushed weight of sail-bearing mast has resounded,
Captain jumps to the waves, deck deserted,
And sailors make each for himself a shipwreck
With keel of the ship not yet broken up, so, with city abandoned,
There is a fleeing into war.


One response to “Lucan, Pharsalia 1.486-504

  1. Hey, I’m working on Horace 1.6 and came upon your translation. I differed on a few points, but it was helpful to see what you came up with. My blog is not limited to translation though lately that has been its main content. So, feel free to stop by.

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